“Work hard, keep the ceremonies, live peaceably, and unite your hearts.” Hopi Tribe

Since the beginning of time, people have carried out ceremonies to facilitate cures, to encourage fertility, to mark the coming of age and to honor the dead.  Indeed ceremonies are not only important tools for reinforcing relationships between individuals and clans; ceremonies also awaken our connection to the ancestors and affirm our place in the cosmic scheme of Life.

Some of contemporary society’s ills stem from a lack of ceremony.  As church memberships dwindle in this country to all time lows (the most common church is the Church of None), this does not mean that people are Godless. Rather, just as the world around us is changing rapidly, so is our inner world shifting and seeking to encompass ever new and personal ways of relating to the Sacred.

In my calling to be of higher service to society, I am currently writing, creating and delivering inter-faith ceremonies (both weddings and funerals) that are inspired and guided by the couple’s (or the family’s) own unique relationship to the Great Spirit of God.

~ Bless~