About Me

“That’s the heaven of Earth: to be with the souls who are committed to love.” – Alice Walker

Kori Brian WeddingBorn and raised alongside the ocean, amidst the fog, and ancient Redwood forests of Northern California, where the majesty of the Creator is alive and radiant, I fulljoy times of solitude steeped in my deep collection of books, poems and quotes that I draw upon during the creative process of writing ceremonies.

A returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Romania) I travel extensively, ever observing the ways in which people honor, give thanks and pray.  A former radio journalist with an emphasis on human-interest stories, I know that letting intuition guide interviews – listening without projecting or judging – allows for the authentic tale to be told.  This is as true for interpersonal communication as it is in journalism as it is in the process of being an officiant.

Kori Brian WeddingMany Paths ~ One Truth

Although I was raised Lutheran, my spirit resides in spirit of the Most High who is limitless. It is my soul work to officiate ceremonies. My talents bloom best in interfaith ceremonies. I am able to seamlessly weave the wisdom of our Native tribes, Sufi poetry, Martin Luther King, Jr, the Bible, mystic philosophers with dashes of Jewish, Yogic, Japanese or Pagan ritual into one ceremony.

Death & Dying

Heaven-in-Zipolite2I first pondered death and the capacities of the human heart in the sixth grade when my teacher taught us, without reservation, about the Holocaust. (Ten years later I made a pilgrimage to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps in Poland.) Ever since, I have been studying cultural perspectives on death and dying, attending workshops (i.e. on home funerals) and volunteering with the sick, all in an effort to be near this mystery we call death.  In mainstream society,  a memorial typically doesn’t amount to much more than a cocktail party. But to keep death in the shadow of taboo does a terrible disservice to not only the bereaved, but the community at large (and might I add the spirit of the deceased themselves); it is to short change the opportunity that death presents us to open our hearts into fuller, more authentic life.


Since 2003 I have been writing and officiating wedding ceremonies where I bring out the highest vibration of the couple, offering a blessing for all of humanity.The wedding day heralds the happiest day of one’s life, increasing the potential for peace and holiness in the world.

What We Need is LOVE ~

Joellen xo